How to Wear

How to, the first time: 

1) Unhook the chest band hooks and the shoulder straps. 

2) Get that chest band set.  Fasten the left chest strap to the inside of the right chest strap under the right breast with the "G" hook, adjusting your fit. 

3) Hook the right side over the left with the hook and eye closure. 

4) Now for the shoulder straps. Take the left strap over your right shoulder and the right strap over your left shoulder, crossing in the front. 

5) The straps have been designed to be adjusted just one time so it might be easier to have someone help you the first time. 

Once you have figured out which settings work for you, it is ready to wear without adjusting every time. Just release the chest band, keeping the crossover in the front when you take it off or put it on. If you are still having difficulty, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Front ViewStraight View